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Why Helical Piers

Helical piers are specifically designed to secure new foundations when soil samples indicate the need for a building foundation solution due to inadequate soil composition. The typical solution has been to remove the poor soil, place geotextile fabric at engineered intervals and place and compact structural fill at the prescribed density to the desired elevation. This process can be cost and time prohibitive. Helical piers are an option to this process.


How Helical Piers Work

The pier is threaded into the soil until a desirable load capacity is achieved, piers are spaced at pre-calculated intervals to distribute the weight of the structure onto load-bearing soil. The physical size, helical configuration and torque load of the piers are engineered to optimize the weight carrying capacity. Once the piers are installed, we cut off the pier to the prescribed elevation and install a bracket on the pier that will set inside the concrete footing. This process allows the piers to carry the weight of the foundation.


Engineering and Documentation

The pier configuration and layout along with concrete footing requirements can be calculated by the engineering department of Pier Tech, our pier provider, or the customer’s engineering team that may already be involved in the project.

K-Terra utilizes an electronic torque hub on our pier installation drive unit that informs the operator the exact torque level of the pier as it is being installed. This information is logged and downloaded into a document that is provided to the customer. This provides peace of mind knowing that the piers were installed to the desired specification.


Why K-Terra

Our piers are galvanized and warrantied for 75 years. We are Pier Tech factory trained installers. You can rely on K-Terra to conduct the onsite excavation for your project and conduct the pier installation. Having one contractor do both, there are fewer contractors to schedule, and most importantly there is one contractor accountable for the entire foundation process, up to the concrete footing installation. K-Terra can handle most helical pier installs with a mini excavator, however if the project requires large piers, we can also install with a 20 ton excavator. We can handle pier installs of any size.


In addition to their use in foundation establishment, helical piers can also be utilized in many other ways:

  • Pier footing situations like, signage, decks, towers, retaining walls, boardwalks, docks and in places where it is difficult or expensive to use concrete.
  • Helical piers can remove the need for concrete sonatube type foundations.
  • Foundation repair applications. We can lift foundations that may be settling.

Our reputation for innovative excavation capability is well-established. We continue that legacy with the inclusion of helical pier installation. Helical piers offer the ability to provide building foundation capability in areas that would have been cost prohibitive without the use of helical piers.


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